Stoddard Road Medical Centre

223 Stoddard Road, Mt Roskill
Auckland 1041

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Thank you for choosing Stoddard Road Medical Centre as your preferred primary healthcare provider. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced GPs and encourage you to find one you can develop a long-term relationship with. This leads to better continuity of care and allows us to respond to your changing medical needs.

Some of our Doctors may be unable to take on new patients due to their current workload, but our staff will help ensure that we find a Doctor who can manage your needs.

Enrolment with us allows us to access Ministry of Health subsidies to help pay for managing your healthcare and allow us to charge lower fees and provide access to additional services. This process currently takes several months to be confirmed although it is likely to be streamlined in the near future.

The Ministry of Health has clear and strict rules regarding who is eligible to enroll for subsidised healthcare services. All New Zealand citizens and residents are eligible. You can read more about this if needed in the Enrolment Information Guide below. We are required to see evidence of your eligibility at the time of enrolment for all patients, including NZ citizens. This could include:

  • Your NZ Passport, or
  • Your NZ Birth Certificate (or Cook Island, Niue or Tokelau birth certificate) AND two forms of proof that you are the person on the birth certificate (one with photo ID), or
  • Your NZ Certificate of Citizenship AND two forms of proof that you are the person on the certificate (one with photo ID), or
  • Overseas passport with evidence of an appropriate visa.

This information confirms that you eligible and can receive the appropriate funding. If you are unable to provide evidence of your eligibility you may not be able to enroll and will not have access to any healthcare subsidies.

In order to enroll with us, you must first attend our reception to complete the necessary enrolment forms. You can print the Patient Enrolment Form and New Patient Registration Forms below and complete these at home. Please bring them with you to reception along with your proof of residency.

Please come into the Practice with all the paperwork between the hours of 9am to 4pm (Monday to Friday only). Be aware that this enrolment process may take up to 20 minutes. If you are unable to attend during these hours please ring the Practice so that we may arrange a time that will be convenient.

You will not be able to make an appointment until the enrolment procedure has been completed. This first appointment must also be paid for in advance and will be charged at the New Patient Fee

CHILD 14-17 (15 MINUTES) $30
CHILD 6-13 (15 MINUTES) $15

Subsequent visits will be subsidised and be much cheaper for you. Click here for fee.


Enrolment Information Guide For Patients – Click here

Patient Enrolment Form – Click here

New Patient Medical Questionnaire – Click here